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El rapto de Britney Spears (Libros
Cuando Britney Spears recibe amenazas de un supuesto grupúsculo islamista, los servicios secretos franceses (cómo no) enví­an a Los Angeles a uno de sus hombres para investigar el asunto. El agente en cuestión no parece el más adecuado: no conduce, fuma, lo ignora todo de la farándula, tiene cierta tendencia a la neurastenia y hasta se parece un poco al escritor Jean Rolin. Sin embargo, hará todo lo posible para ponerse al dí­a rápidamente:se introducirá en el mundo de los paparazzi, frecuentará Sunset Boulevard y Rodeo Drive y se convertirá en un especialista en Britney Spears y en la red de transporte público de la ciudad. A partir de la figura de la popular cantante y de un cómico detective, Jean Rolin ofrece su particular visión de unos famosos que son más conocidos por sus excesos o su vida privada que por su trabajo, y del lugar en el que viven: la conurbación de Los Angeles, una de las áreas metropolitanas más extensas del mundo. "El rapto de Britney Spears", la primera novela de Jean Rolin en quince años, fue finalista del Premio de la Academia Francesa 2011.
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Britney: Inside the Dream
Britney Spears – the Princess of Pop – is making a comeback, and there isn't a person out there who hasn't heard about it. In this, a fully up-to-date and authoritative biography, Steve Dennis reveals all there is to know about the much-loved star. Hitting our radios for the first time in 1998 with '…Baby One More Time', Britney Spears quickly became a pop idol. Now, at just 27 years of age, she has racked up five number one albums, seven top-ten singles and seven sell-out world tours, as well having performed on stage with both Madonna and Michael Jackson. Just a decade after breaking onto to scene, she has become nothing short of a pop legend. Her private life, however, has not been so easy. In 2004 Britney famously married a childhood friend at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas; since then her personal life has seemingly been thrown into turmoil. In the last five years she has had numerous failed relationships and endured a very public divorce and custody battle - all in the full glare of the international media. Drawing on exclusive interviews with those closest to the superstar, Britney: Inside the Dream is a engrossing portrait of fascinating star. A frank biography, with no detail spared, it reveals the real Britney Spears, like you’ve never known her before.
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Britney Spears: Stylin' (English Edition)
This intimate look into the life of teen phenomenon Britney Spears focuses on her fabulous style and her favorite fashions and accessories.
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Britney Spears: Little girl lost (English
Since her first appearance on national television in 1992 on Star Search, Mississippi-born American singer and entertainer Britney Jean Spears has had an explosive impact on the music industry and pop-culture worldwide. Britney does it all: she sings, dances, writes and composes. A monster success! From Star Search to the Disney Channel's The New Mickey Mouse Club, Spears established herself as a pop icon and bona fide pop phenomenon with her debut hit album... Baby One More Time, leading the teen pop revival in the late 1990s. When Britney Spears first burst onto the music scene, she was the incarnation of American clean-cut youth. But this changed, and she rose to become the sexiest superstar of her generation. Spears constantly changes her style in fashion and music, making her an unstoppable force in entertainment. But in the process, she has discovered the true price of fame and experienced an emotional tumble that led to a well-publicized nervous breakdown.
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Britney Spears (Short Reads) (English Edition)
Britney rose to be one of the most adored and cherished girls and then women in the world. Her popularity soar so much that she became hounded by paparazzi. More money would be paid for a picture of Britney than of anyone. If she was on the cover magazines would fly off the shelves.
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