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Estreno de 'Pretty Girls' de Britney Spears con Iggy Azalea




Estreno de 'Pretty Girls' de Britney Spears con Iggy Azalea.

Ya está aquí. Con un par de días de adelanto, el nuevo single de Britney Spears con Iggy Azalea se estrena y no deja a nadie indiferente.

Quizá no tiene el estribillo más potente, pero nos devuelve a la Britney arriesgada y urbana que nos devolvió la fe en ella con 'In The Zone'. ¿Lo mejor? Que Iggy apenas rapea siendo Britney la que lleva el peso de la canción. ¿será el hit del verano? Todo depende del vídeo que se estrena la semana que viene.

Ahora, escucha 'Pretty Girls' de Britney Spears con Iggy Azalea:



All around the world

Pretty girls

Wipe the floor with all the boys

Pour the drinks

Bring the noise

(It’s Iggy Iggz)

We’re just so pretty!


All around the world

Pretty girls

Jump the line

To the front

Do what we like

Get what we want

We’re just so pretty


(Verso 1 – Britney)



Don’t you know it’s always the same

From Australia ’round to LA

You can betcha where ever the girls go boys follow

We be keepin’ them up on their toes

They can laugh but they don’t get the jokes

Just you watch they’re so predicable

(some things don’t change)


Girls roll up

Windows roll down

Eyes on us

Jaws on the ground

Watch them girls

It’s all so funny

Like bees to the honey!


(Verso 2 – Britney)

Tell me

Is it true that these men are from Mars?

Is that why they actin’ bizarre?

Everytime I walk out of my house it’s like “hey baby”

They don’t see me rolling my eyes

They’re buzzing around me like flies

They got one thing on their minds

(some things don’t change)


Bridge – Iggy/Britney:


If you ask me I’m killin em softly

I would spend time with you but that’d cost me

They pray that Iggy Iggy give ‘em one more chance

But B’s n Iggy wouldn’t even give ‘em one more glance

See it took that line between the beauty and the beast

Slim waist thick cake

The whole world want a piece

Bad girl good would make you lose your mind

  While all the boys beggin’ Britney hit ‘em one more time



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